MEMS Consulting Services

BioMEMS SA renders consulting and value-added services on customized MEMS applications and solutions, i.e:

HIV/AIDS POC Diagnostics

BioMEMS SA is developing a MEMS Point-of-Care molecular diagnostics system for HIV that goes from sample (whole blood) to result in minutes.
All processes of a centalized microdiagnostics lab are integrated on a single Si-based chip.
Prototypes of a novel label-less detection method without the use of external optical components have already been manufactured and are currently under evaluation.

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Why you should engage a South African consultant?

  • Expertise: the availabilty of world-class technical experts and research infrastructure
  • Economics: you take advantage of a favorable Rate of Exchange

Interested in investing in our MEMS HIV/AIDS diagnostics device project?

  • Leverage your funds: program is in an advanced stage of research
  • Opportunity: South Africa is unique in its ability to provide the infrastructure to conduct all clinical trials required for commercialization of your device, concept or idea.
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